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Nowe Horyzonty cinema 25.11.2016, 6.30 pm
Rebuilding of Wroclaw- 1945 and later special show with English subtitles

 May 6th 1945 Capitulation Festung Breslau was signed and it gave an end to more than three-month long fight for Wroclaw between Russia and Germany. Further destruction resulted from the actions of Polish and Russian looters. Slowly, however, from the rubble and smoky ruins, a new city of Wroclaw was emerging. The reconstruction of the city was accompanied by a long process of demolition of many well-preserved buildings for the purpose of robbery in order to obtain bricks to rebuild Warsaw. The organizers have prepared a special show with English subtitles as part of the archival documentaries about the history of the city. Thanks to this foreigners will be able to see a set of films presenting the city’s panorama from  the times of Festung Breslau destruction over the next decades of restoration up to contemporary times. In the compilation of films you will find the following:

Nasz Wrocław (Our Wrocław), directed by Bogusław Rybczyński, Poland, 1975, 37′

Commissioned by the Wrocław city authorities, this film shows the history of the city from the last accords of the Festung Breslau up until the mid-1970s. We will see battles for the city during World War II, its ruins, and its reconstruction (with archival materials from film chronicles). Next, we will take a look at the city’s cultural life, its postwar industrial development, and idyllic scenes from city streets, discos, and other attractions of that era. The finale will show a bird’s-eye panorama of the city.

Wrocław 1959, dir. Jadwiga Plucińska, 1959, 10′

In 1959, Wrocław was a city of contrasts. On the one hand, we see a modern, vibrant downtown, but on the other hand we see neglected and ruined suburbs. But even such degrading conditions did not stop people from seeking their own place in the world among the collapsed buildings.

Fakty i ludzie (People and Facts), dir. Robert Stando, 1970, 17′

1940s and 1950s newsreel footage on the arrival of Polish settlers to Wrocław. More importantly, this is the first film ever that refers to the existence of the mythical Nazi secret elite troops known as Werwolf and Greek Gross.

Ich miasto (Their City), dir. Bogusław Rybczyński, 1974, 10′

A collection of memories of three Wrocław citizens and their own look at the city and its history. This illuminating footage is of high historical value. Among other things, you will have a chance to hear a fascinating story about the first days after the fall of Festung Breslau (Fortress of Wrocław) and the formation of the government, told by Tadeusz Makarewicz, a cameraman of the Polish Newsreel.

Odbudowa czy rozbiórka (Reconstruction or Demolition), 2003 dir. Marcin Bradke

The story of the reconstruction and development of the so-called Recovered Territories in the first years after the war. Witnesses to those events, including an architect and a monument restorer, talk about the removal of rubble from destroyed cities, the demolition of buildings threatening to collapse, and the reconstruction that took years to complete, as well as about why many historic buildings-residential buildings and churches that were not affected by the war-disappeared from Silesian the landscape.

Tickets available from Nowe Horyzonty box office Kazimierza Wielkiego Street 19a-21) and online

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